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3 Engaging Low Prep Thanksgiving Activities

November is in full swing and you may be on the hunt for engaging Thanksgiving activities that are no to low-prep. If this is you, I’ve got you covered! Continue reading for 3 ideas that are perfect for the week before Thanksgiving break. 

5 Days of Gratitude Mini Booklet

All you will need for this activity is 2 sheets of paper folded in half to create a booklet. Start this activity 5 days before your class goes on Thanksgiving break. Each day, provide a gratitude related writing prompt for students to respond to on 1 page of their booklets. At the end of the 5 days they will have a gratitude booklet to take home with them over the Thanksgiving break. Here is an example of 5 writing prompts to use:

Day 1: One thing I like about myself is_________ because______.

Day 2: One thing I am thankful for at school is __________ because________.

Day 3: One thing I am grateful for at home is __________ because ________.

Day 4: I am lucky because _______.

Day 5: A person I am thankful for is ________ because _________.

Thanksgiving Dinner Planning Activity (Math)

All you will need for this activity are a few grocery store sales inserts and paper for math calculations. I like to do this activity in partners or small groups. Give the students a budget that they must stick to in order to plan their Thanksgiving dinner. They will search through the grocery inserts and choose the items they want, keep a running total and make decisions to stay on budget.

Thanksgiving Fun Activity Packet

Last but not least, this Thanksgiving themed activity packet has everything you need to keep students engaged on the days leading up to the break. Simply print and go! Includes math review, writing prompts, coloring, word search, and fun cryptograms. As is the case with all of my resources, this packet is bilingual! All activities are in Spanish and English. Grab it here!

What are your favorite low prep Thanksgiving themed activities?

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