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4 Easy Back to School Activities for Bilingual Classrooms

Back to school is such a busy, yet exciting time! Today, I’ll be sharing 4 back to school activities for your bilingual or dual language classroom. I know time is limited, so let’s get started!

This or That Games

These games are always a hit and so versatile. The premise is simple: students choose between two options presented to them and share their choice in different ways. Incorporate movement by having students walk to different parts of the classroom based on their answers, use hand signals, sit/stand, white boards, etc. 

Try a free This or That Game here! This digital version is available in Spanish and English!

Back to school This or That activity

Two Truths and a Lie

Another oldie, but goodie. All you need are sticky notes or index cards. Have each student write down 2 things that are true about themselves and 1 lie. I like to sprinkle these throughout the day or week, draw cards and have students guess which one is a lie. This activity is super simple and fun!

Back to School Student Survey

Create a short 1 page survey of get-to-know-you questions. These are great because they can be completed independently as you finish up those first day of school tasks. Independent activities also minimize anxiety for students that are more introverted and are uncomfortable with whole group activities.

Do you teach third or fourth grade? If so, you are in luck because I have created a Back to School Student Survey that is no prep, simply print and go! As always, my resources are available in English and Spanish for your bilingual or dual language classroom. Click the image below to get the survey.

Activity Packets

Back to school activity packets are a great way for students to use their new school supplies and work independently. This can give you the “down time” (is there such a thing?) that you may need to get all those housekeeping tasks done. I like having back to school themed words searches, crossword puzzles, coloring activities etc. ready for my students during the first few days of school. 

If you want to save some time, I have a no prep, print & go Back to School Activity Packet ready in my TPT shop. This packet is great for 3rd grade bilingual or dual language classrooms. Check it out below

What are your favorite Back to School Activities for the bilingual classroom?

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