3 Engaging Low Prep Thanksgiving Activities

November is in full swing and you may be on the hunt for engaging Thanksgiving activities that are no to low-prep. If this is you, I’ve got you covered! Continue reading for 3 ideas that are perfect for the week before Thanksgiving break.  5 Days of Gratitude Mini Booklet All you will need for this […]

Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences in 5 steps

Is it starting to feel like Fall where you live? We are, unfortunately, still having highs in the 90’s! Either way, Fall means that conference season is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but teacher-parent conferences are a time I always look forward to. Whether you are a seasoned teacher, or a first […]

2 simple steps to No Fuss Behavior Incentives

I know your time is limited, so let’s get straight into today’s topic: non tangible behavior incentives! When I began teaching, I had a reward system as part of my over all behavior system. Students would earn “money” over the course of week and on Fridays got to spend it in our class “store”. The […]

Creating a Functional Paper Management System in 3 Easy Steps

Are you drowning in piles of papers on your desk by October? NOW is the time to set up a functional paper management system to keep your desk clear of those pesky piles. Follow these 3 easy tips to get started! Choose Your Categories Keep it simple and choose 3 to 4 categories for your […]

4 Easy Back to School Activities for Bilingual Classrooms

Back to School Activities for Bilingual Classrooms

Back to school is such a busy, yet exciting time! Today, I’ll be sharing 4 back to school activities for your bilingual or dual language classroom. I know time is limited, so let’s get started! This or That Games These games are always a hit and so versatile. The premise is simple: students choose between […]

How to Set Up an Emergency Substitute System

Something that always brought me stress and guilt were unplanned absences. Let me begin by saying that we should NOT feel guilty about taking a sick day (or a day for whatever reason), but the nature of the teaching profession makes it difficult when emergencies come up. Once I implemented the steps in this post, […]

Creating an Effective Data Collection System in 3 easy steps

Are you prepared if your principal calls you in to go over a specific student’s progress? Or an emergency parent-teacher conference? If the answer is “no”, or “I think so” this post is for you. Today I am going to show you how to create an effective data collection system over the summer, so that […]

The Power of Parent Volunteers in the Classroom

Parent volunteers in the classroom can be a tremendous resource! This is especially true in the bilingual education space. However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming knowing how to incorporate them in your classroom to maximize the support.  I’ve always been fortunate to have at least 2-3 regular parent volunteers every year. In the beginning it […]

Teacher Time Savers Summer Series

It’s the beginning of summer break and the last thing you want to think about is the upcoming school year. I get it. Taking a few days (or weeks) to decompress from the previous school year is absolutely necessary. However, I know that I was always looking for ways to save time during the school […]

3 Beautiful Mother’s Day Activities for your Bilingual Classroom

May is right around the corner and that means the tail end of testing season, beginning of the end of the year season and Mother’s Day. Sometimes we are just so exhausted by this time of year that putting together an elaborate Mother’s Day project. So today I am sharing 3, no/low prep activities to […]