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3 Free Earth Day Activities for the Bilingual classroom

Earth Day is approaching (April 22nd) and this is a great time to talk about the importance of taking care of the planet with our students. Here are a few fun ideas and activities for your bilingual classroom to get students thinking about El Día de la Tierra and what we can do to help keep Earth beautiful for years to come:

Directed Drawing with Acrostic Poem

I love using directed drawings in my classroom. It gives the students a chance to show off their creativity as they tap into their artistic side. This YouTube video from Bilingual Scrapbook is perfect for an Earth Day activity. She uses water colors to paint the drawing, but you can use whatever materials your students have access too. I recommend pausing the video periodically to give students time to complete each step. If you want a different design, YouTube has many Earth Day directed drawing videos for you to choose from. As always, be sure to check the video prior to showing it to the class for ads and content. Pair this with an acrostic poem and you have a beautiful, student created work of art and writing.

Check out the example below.

Articles and reading Passages

NEWSELA is a great place to find non fiction articles in English AND Spanish. Creating an account is free and most articles come with comprehension questions. Here is an example of an article I found relating to Earth Day.

Another place to find nonfiction articles and comprehension questions is ReadWorks. They currently do not offer options in Spanish, however these would be great for your ELA or Science block (if you teach Science in English). It’s a great idea to add your own open ended questions, text dependent questions and writing prompts to go along with these articles. If you don’t already have an account with these two websites, I highly recommend it. It’s FREE and perfect for upper elementary bilingual/dual language classrooms. Check out the examples below

No Prep Activity Packet

Lastly, this no prep activity packet has everything you need for engaging Earth Day themed activities. Simply print & go. The packet includes 4 activities(11 pages) and the best part is that everything is in Spanish AND English! Whatever bilingual education model you are following (early exit, late exit, immersion, dual 50/50, dual 90/10, etc) this packet ensures that every student can access the activities. This one is not free, but it will save you time and your students will be engaged! Available in my TPT shop

Turn them into centers!

Do one activity each day leading up to Earth Day or, my favorite way, turn each activity into a station/center and have students rotate around the room completing each activity on Earth Day (or the Friday before). Add a “technology” station for students to view an Earth Day related video and write a response and you’ve got 4 fun stations.

I hope this gave you some ideas to use this week in celebration of Earth Day. Choose 1 or all 3 as you teach your students about the importance of taking care of our Earth.

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