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3 Beautiful Mother’s Day Activities for your Bilingual Classroom

May is right around the corner and that means the tail end of testing season, beginning of the end of the year season and Mother’s Day. Sometimes we are just so exhausted by this time of year that putting together an elaborate Mother’s Day project. So today I am sharing 3, no/low prep activities to celebrate Mother’s Day in your bilingual or dual language classroom.

Tissue Paper Vase

I’ll start with the most involved option. If you are like me, you keep all of the used pasta sauce, pickle, salsa, etc glass jars. I just can’t bring myself to throw them out (our city recycle program doesn’t take glass anymore). If so, you have an impressive collection of glass jars that can be turned into beautiful Mother’s day vases. 

In the event that you don’t have enough glass jars for your entire class, start asking you colleagues, neighbors, friends, etc 2 to 3 weeks before Mother’s Day for donations. You would be surprised how many people like me are out there!

Next, you will need colored tissue paper. Again, you may have some laying around or you can pick some up at the Dollar store. In addition, you will need liquid glue and brushes to apply the glue solution onto the jar. 

A note about flowers: I enjoy getting fresh flowers to put in the vases on the day they go home. However, you can totally have students create paper flowers using construction paper. There are endless tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest if you choose to forgo fresh flowers. The end result is beautiful either way.

I usually use the following schedule:

Day 1: students cut tissue paper into long strips, then 1 in squares. Each student gets a plastic baggie for their colored tissue paper.

Day 2: students apply the tissue paper to their glass jar with the glue solution. Jars will dry overnight.

Day 3: vases are filled with flowers and go home for Mother’s Day

Acrostic Poem

Have you noticed a pattern? I LOVE incorporating poetry! Students of all grade levels can produce a beautiful Mother’s Day poem. Change it up by having students use their mother’s name instead of the word “mother”. You can also turn this into a language arts activity and have students use their dictionaries to look for words and synonyms.

Display the growth as bilingual students by making this a Spanish and English activity. You can make this as simple or in depth as you wish.

Pop Art Inspired Mother’s Day Card & Questionnaire

At the end of the day, sometimes we just need a quick print and go activity and this Pop Art Inspired Mother’s Day Card is perfect! Students will create a cool pop art design and have space inside the card to write a sweet Mother’s Day message (or include their poems *wink wink*) and include an illustration. 

Print double sided on white card stock and you are good to go! As always, this resource is bilingual; Spanish and English. You will also find a blank option for students to customize in case they have someone else in their lives in the role of a mother.

In addition, students can complete a Mother’s Day questionnaire all about their mom. This is already done for you, simply print and go!

What Mother’s Day activities have been successful in your classroom?

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