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Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences in 5 steps

Is it starting to feel like Fall where you live? We are, unfortunately, still having highs in the 90’s! Either way, Fall means that conference season is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but teacher-parent conferences are a time I always look forward to. Whether you are a seasoned teacher, or a first year teacher, here are some tips (and a FREEBIE at the end 😊) to help make conference season a breeze


Grab a calendar and map out your conference schedule. My sweet spot was always 20 min per conference. Then create a Google™ Form or use SignUp Genius to invite parents to sign up and easily organize and print your conference schedule.

Collect Data

Have a file folder for each student and organize them according to your conference schedule. I like to include the following items in the folder: 

  • Benchmarks
  • Any additional resources to help at home
  • Conference Report with pertinent info
  • Work Samples

If you have not read my blog post on creating an effective data collection system, it’s not too late! Take a few minutes and learn how to set up your system


Send an email reminder the day before the conference as well as a reminder card with the student. I also like to have students write their conference in their agendas/planners if they have one.

Prep Your Space

Set out extra chairs outside the classroom in case parents want to sit while they wait. Have materials ready (Conference report, student file folders, pens, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, highlighters, water/snacks for breaks, etc)

Track the Time

Set an alarm with a 5 minute warning at the beginning of EACH conference. Why? Because just ONE late/long conference can throw off the rest of your appointments. 

If a parent is late, let them know how long they will now have for the conference (ex. 10 minutes instead of 20). Most of the time they will choose to stay since they are already there, but give the option to reschedule if they want the complete amount of time.

Want a simple, print & go option for your conferences? Check out the FREEBIE below! You will get a conference form template, reminders (4 to a page) and a parent sign in sheet ALL in Spanish! 

Parent Teacher Conference Forms

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