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Teacher Time Savers Summer Series

It’s the beginning of summer break and the last thing you want to think about is the upcoming school year. I get it. Taking a few days (or weeks) to decompress from the previous school year is absolutely necessary. However, I know that I was always looking for ways to save time during the school year and I wanted to share 3 things you can do during the summer that will be HUGE time savers for you over the next school year.

Now, let me say that I would rather redo my class décor or maybe print out beautiful labels to organize my teacher desk. HOWEVER, these are not the things that are going to be helpful for me if I have an emergency absence, short notice parent-teacher conference, or parents reaching out to me asking how they can help out in the classroom. If you want to shave hours off your workday and reduce your stress level over the school year, you need to really think about how the summer projects you choose help to support that goal.

In this Time Saver Summer Series, I will share 3 simple systems or procedures that you can work on over the summer. It doesn’t matter too much what grade you will be in because these are things that can be applied to any classroom. You may have to tweak a couple of things at the beginning of the year, especially if you get moved to a new grade, but for the most part, everything will be ready to use from day one.

The next three blog posts will explain each of the following topics in detail: leveraging parent volunteers, creating an effective data collection system, and setting up an emergency substitute system.

Completing even just ONE of these tasks is going to save you HOURS and doesn’t take much time to set up. I hope that you join me in this Teacher Time Savers Summer Series, see you in the next post!

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